The First One – Welcome

Welcome to my very first blog post. THANK YOU @thefruittoast, @calmblueblogger, @KerriSackville and @Woogsworld for your encouragement (although these last two may have had a few too many champers at the When My Husband Does The Dishes book launch to remember their encouragement. Nonetheless, I appreciate it). A kick in the right direction in real life and in the Twitterverse have steered me here and I am bursting with excitement.

So, at the end of this week (or the beginning of the next, depending on your religious or personal preferences) I will be celebrating my twenty sixth birthday.

I love birthdays. I really do. Family and friends, champagne, cake, gifties… what’s not to like?

But this year I’m feeling quite reflective. In a few days I will be twenty six. That’s not old by any standard, but the ten year old me imagined that the twenty six year old me would be a marine biologist, married for a while now and maybe have a baby. The ten year old me imagined success and happiness for the twenty six year old me.

The ten year old me never thought for even a second that life might get in the way.

By the time I was eighteen I was working as a dental assistant. I had two parents ill with life threatening problems. I made and froze twenty to thirty ham sandwiches on Sunday afternoons. Then I made two vats of spaghetti. Then I ironed twenty shirts. I drank like a fish on Friday nights, clinging violently to my youth. I carried on recklessly making interesting choices and slowed only for a moment upon learning the positive confirmation of my parents’ health.

The actual twenty six year old me has arrived. I’m an Executive Assistant in a city I don’t always love but I live with a man who makes me happier than I imagined I could be. I remember to do things for myself and to do things for others. But there are some things missing. I’m a list-maker. I love lists and make them, rewrite them and redistribute them regularly.

So why not make a list of goals, opportunities, hopes?

You will find my ongoing list of to-dos on my blog. I imagine it will be sometimes interesting, sometimes mundane and sometimes outrageous (one can only hope).

So, welcome. I have called my blog Flowers In My Words because I think flowers are like words. Beautiful, powerful and often poignant. I look forward to sharing my experience.

12 thoughts on “The First One – Welcome

  1. Welcome to blogging fun! And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

    Life often throws us curve balls, especially when we least expect them. It’s what we do when that happens that shows our true character.

    I’m a list maker at times too, but probably not as much as I should be. I definitely need to make a list of goals for myself. Would certainly be interesting to see what it contained!


  2. Alex,
    So pleased you’ve started your blog. Bet you’re glad you came to THE launch and let me drag you around introducing you to everyone! It was great to meet you and I wish you luck with your writing.

    Happy birthday too xox

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