Paradise Saturday

Saturday’s are the most magical day of the week and today has been yet another day of domestic bliss at Casa Flowers. I thought I’d share…

My current distraction

  1. Wake up. The Designer is trying to quietly extract himself from the bed, locate Ugg boots and escape to me free PlayStation haven
  2. I have woken up so that plan was dashed
  3. Ask The Designer to make tea
  4. The Designer discovers we have no milk. I bat my eyelashes and he succumbs – off to the corner store he goes
  5. Newspaper has been delivered, back to bed and tea is made
  6. The Designer suddenly leaves the room before I am finished reading the paper and runs to the PlayStation
  7. I get up, do a load of laundry, wash the dishes
  8. We decide to get out of the nest and head off to a cafe that friends own
  9. We are greeted like celebrities (love this)
  10. The Designer inhales his brunch and two coffees, pays and heads back to the car before I am finished my second coffee
  11. I demand we stop on the way home so I can get another coffee
  12. Sun comes out, I get too excited about hanging clothes on the line
  13. On the way home we spot circus protesters… they’re dressed as animals. Unsure of how I feel about this
  14. Discussed God and the enforcement of religion in the car with The Designer
  15. Discussion rises in passion and verges toward argument although we were on the same side
  16. Sun goes away, I am sad
  17. Pit stop at Aldi, all the cool kids are doing it
  18. Got home, did some laundry, more dishes and vacuuming. Actually, The Designer vacuumed mostly. Considered exercise
  19. Poured a wine instead
  20. Read a small amount of the Jonathon Franzen book I am struggling to push myself through
  21. Saw on Facebook that my mate Madame Turbo‘s bum had gone to sleep in a boring lecture
  22. Had another wine for her (I am generous)
  23. Sorted laundry and allocated dinner duty to The Designer
  24. Having another wine

I tell you, it’s just another Saturday in paradise. Happy Saturday everyone!

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