Weekend Wind Up

I had a bloody good weekend. I had one of those weekends where today, Monday, all day I just want the weekend to keep going.

On Saturday The Designer and I shimmied over to Balmain where we guzzled Sauvignon Blanc and ate hot rock tapas. Pre-food arrival, I did not understand what the fuss was. BBQ tapas I thought… well. An actual HOT ROCK was produced for us to cook our meat and haloumi on. It was so much fun!

Sunday morning was one of those tea – newspaper – eggs – bacon – coffee –twitter – blogging mornings. How good is Sunday morning coffee? It just seems better than on say, a Tuesday. Also SUNday. Just sounds so much better doesn’t it… MONday is just MONdane…  Anyway, the day progressed and by about two o’clock we were drinking a long lunch.

Pearls. Yep. Classy I know (they’re from Diva). After consuming our body weight in champagne our little group, my parents, The Designer and I, wandered up to the Theatre Royal to see Jersey Boys.

IT WAS EVERYTHING I HAD NOT TO RUN UP AND DOWN THE AISLES SINGING “SHERRY, SHERRY BABY”. I did shake it in a chair dance. There was a standing ovation. When the show finished I sat expectantly still, convinced there would be more. When my companions pried my from my chair my mum and I danced and sang enthusiastically from the theatre, flinging our arms around as we waited our turn for the bathroom.

On a scale of 1 – 10, how bloody good was your weekend?

*My family and I were guests of the Theatre Royal and Jersey Boys. This is not a paid or sponsored post.

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