A Love Hate Relationship

Today The Designer and I are all packed and ready to spend the weekend in the country with my family. We will leave straight from the city tonight and drive there. I am not the best at packing. Not even for three nights. I’d like to be better. I pack, re-pack, give up on packing… and this is basically how my packing goes every time, from one night to twenty nights.

  1. Locate suitcase
  2. Gather approximately four items
  3. Realise something I simply can’t do without is dirty
  4. Put on a load of washing regardless of the fact that it is 8:30pm
  5. Decide I can go no further and have a wine
  6. Descend into TV watching brilliance
  7. Realise it is now 10:00pm
  8. Panic
  9. Have another wine and decide to leave it till the morning (not so good since we need to leave at a sparrow’s fart)
  10. Sleep fitfully (packing sleep stress I like to call it)

The Designer’s idea of packing is points one and two only. Once at the desination however, questions arise. Where are my socks? Did you pack my runners?

But now, thankfully, the bags are now in the car. The car is in the parking station and is ready to be driven to the country. Unfortunately, I don’t think the last twenty-four hours have been chaotic enough so I’ve decided we need to stop at IKEA  on the way.

Me, later today but less blonde

Sometimes, you just need to get your Danish design on. Give me strength!

What’s your packing style?

2 thoughts on “A Love Hate Relationship

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