Weekend Wind Up

Mondays make me so sad, so very sad. That’s why I do the Weekend Wind Up, to cling onto the goodness that was Saturday and Sunday, until that time of the week when it becomes appropriate to start looking forward to the next weekend.

This week I have put together a photo tour of all that was the weekend in the country at our family home.



After the stress that was Thursday’s packing festival, we set off on our journey stopping for ages momentarily at IKEA. Then we drove through the dark and rain and finally arrived at my parent’s house where we dumped our bags and quickly passed out.



I got to spend the weekend here.



With my best gal pals, Phoebe,






And everybody’s favourite Siberian Husky, Tophy.



All the human family members spent the weekend doing a lot of this. It was total perfection and I loved every second of the family time. I haven’t mentioned yet that I dropped my car in for service while I was away and we had to borrow my mum’s car one day. I haven’t mentioned that yet because it’s certainly the best photo of the weekend and I have saved it for last.



The Designer looked really tough behind the wheel of this baby.

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