Posted in September 2011

Long Weekend at the Beach

This weekend has arrived! The Designer and I are going away for the long weekend, camping with friends at the beach. The place we’re staying at is great, the lake on one side, ocean on the other. I love it there. This is what I have been planning on doing on our weekend away. Along … Continue reading

Glossy Glossy Love Love

Gosh I love it when something arrives for me in the mail. On Tuesday a package arrived for me from Australis Cosmetics with a beautifully personal note. Thanks to a comp on Twitter I won an Australis Show Stopper Gloss Stick in Fireworks.     This is deep magenta Fireworks, but it also comes in … Continue reading

Write on Wednesday… Songbird

Write On Wednesdays Exercise 16: Hadge says:  Take a favorite (or even random play) song and write the story behind the lyrics, not something inspired by the lyric, but the flesh on the bones of the story. It gives lots of scope for interpretative writing. Use the lyrics or theme of a song  for a piece of … Continue reading

Weekend Wind Up – IMATS

On Saturday my glorious friend The Sparkling Podiatrist (she sparkles because ‘The Podiatrist’ would make her sound a little like a sixty three year old man) and I visited the International Makeup Artist Trade Show at the Sydney Convention Centre. After getting coffee we greedily followed the IMATS bags as neither of us knew exactly … Continue reading

Do you remember these?

Ice cream tacos. These sweet little mofos were GREAT. Whenever I mention these, people curl their faces up and look at me as though I have five or six heads. But they were the business. Waffle taco thing filled with layers of ice cream, caramel and peanuts. They remind me of my childhood and of … Continue reading


Mission Beach, Tropical Far North Queensland, June 2011. When I took this photo I was thinking about the havoc wrecked on Queensland during Cyclone Yasi. Its aftermath was devastating for the sturdy state but hope was prevalent and persuasive. By the time I reached Mission Beach in June there was more hope than there was … Continue reading

Weekend Wind Up

We spent part of our weekend house hunting. Or, apartment hunting really. Folks, The Designer and I are looking to become home owners. We traipsed around from home to home. We’re looking for something that we can really “live in”. For a while. Not just something that will make do for a bit. Our prequisites … Continue reading

Write on Wednesday… The Mighty Mighty Rewrite

Write on Wednesday Exercise 14 – The Mighty Mighty Rewrite… This week’s rewriting exercise has left me a little… stuck. I know my favourite book and was at first really excited about the task but as I took fingertips to keyboard the enormity of it hit me. I have chosen Zadie Smith’s On Beauty and … Continue reading