Weekend Wind Up

Living the dream

All in all, my weekend was filled with mostly this. And a sickly sweet part of me actually enjoys this. I like getting everything clean and I enjoy the Saturday morning feeling of looking forward to tidiness, only to be closely followed by Saturday afternoon wine and avoiding eye contact with the pile of clean laundry on the table that needs folding.

I am looking forward to summer purely because we can soon wine on into the night in the backyard and the laundry won’t jeer at me from anywhere within my eyeline. I’ll just run into the house with my eyes closed when I need to go to the loo.

This weekend, however, was a little bit spesh as it also included Fathers Day. So we did the virtuous thing and had Fathers Day lunch with The Designer’s Dad, The Builder and Fathers Day dinner with my Dad, The Car Salesman (not shonky at all. Maybe a little. But still, the nicest one you’ll ever meet. Never wears gold). A great time was had by all and much wine was consumed, my Mum and I even snuck in a cheeky champagne cocktail.

We had already purchased great* gifts including fancy red wine and the ultimate beer tasters selection when I read Woogsworld’s Fathers Day Gift Guide on Saturday afternoon. There are two gifts in this guide that particularly grabbed my attention. The Mexican Hat Chip and Salsa bowl and the Cat Bum Pencil Sharpener. Mrs Woog further egged on my desire later that day on Twitter by revealing that the cat meows with a pencil is sharpened in it’s ass. I must own it.

Meanwhile, it’s my brother’s birthday in a couple of weeks and I think I know what he’ll be unwrapping from us. Thank you Mrs Woog. Olá!

*Not great, I pride myself on gifting and think I failed a little this weekend

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