Weekend Wind Up – The House Party

On Saturday night The Designer and I went to a house party.

You know the kind – there are four inhabitants sharing a three bedroom home. They had a house party that went off two years ago, we all talked about it for two years and now they’ve had another one. We’re all a little older, weddings have happened, some of us have babies but no problem we were going to rock it again. These days the parties are a little less regular so when it happens it is collectively decided that it must be the best night ever. Of course, that leads to fancy dress. The theme for this party was…




I must say I was a bit reluctant. I mean, what the hell is that? Nonetheless I started researched costume possibilites and came up with some ripper ideas.


I saw that this guy is having such a great time and I thought that maybe I too could be hot hot hot.

Upon arrival at the costume store I spotted some bunny ears realised that I didn’t want to spend a fortune on fancy dress so I reconsidered my costume options.



So I became the elusive Were Bunny made famous in the Wallace and Gromit series. There was a small problem though. I seemed to be chanelling more of a a Playboy Bunny than a Were Bunny. I decided to make my costume a little more fearsome by adding some creepy claws and a red cape covered in a black mesh that had spiders all over it.


Note my claws


Stylish, no? I’m hanging with Harry Potter and Claude, the French Motorcycle Enthusiast – though I am not sure how any of our costumes related to hell freezing over. There were some pretty cool costumes around including a pregnant Nun, a very literal devil wearing an ice cube, a hippie with a gun and an actual flying pig. I would like to have more photos but my iPhone died early on in the night.



I wish this photo was clearer. These two looked great! Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, complete with a, ahem, stain on Monica’s dress.


The Designer and I


The Designer was a Black Russian. Unfortunately, he looks more like a tanned Russian here but hey – that’s probably still a rarity, right?!

What’s the most wild fancy dress costume you’ve modelled or witnessed?


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