Weekend Wind Up

We spent part of our weekend house hunting. Or, apartment hunting really. Folks, The Designer and I are looking to become home owners. We traipsed around from home to home. We’re looking for something that we can really “live in”. For a while. Not just something that will make do for a bit. Our prequisites are not exhaustive but they’re definitely substantial and, once again on Saturday we came to no real home owning finale.




So we raised our spirits by eating dumplings and drinking beer to fuel ourselves for an impending Costco visit. It’s a bit of a drive for us and The Designer was flat out against the shopping venture but he loves me a lot so we made our way out there. To some kind of crowd hell. Once we had made our way through the membership fiasco we pushed our way into the store. And it was good. There were aisles and aisles of warehouse crap. We purchased, among many other things, 72 toilet rolls and 9 jars of passata. We got the biggest bag of cheezels known to man. Have you tried Burleigh Heads BigHead no carb beer? Got a case for $43 – haven’t seen it for less than $50 before.


I wish I had photos to share but I was too starstruck and didn’t realise I hadn’t taken any until we’d already left.

PS The trolleys there are HUGE.

Do you love eating dumplings and warehouse shopping? They’re two of my life loves.

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