Weekend Wind Up – IMATS

On Saturday my glorious friend The Sparkling Podiatrist (she sparkles because ‘The Podiatrist’ would make her sound a little like a sixty three year old man) and I visited the International Makeup Artist Trade Show at the Sydney Convention Centre. After getting coffee we greedily followed the IMATS bags as neither of us knew exactly which door we were heading for. As soon as we arrived we were hit with four naked bodies glistening with paint.

The girl second from the left actually has her eyes closed. I learnt this when The Sparkling Podiatrist annouced to the crowd at large that her eyelids were painted, and that explained why she looked so strange.

In defence, her face does look like a Pierrot clown.

My friend The Sparkling Podiatrist with one of the painted characters wandering around the expo.

The palette I put together at Inglot. This eyeshadow is unbelieveably fine and beautifully pigmented. Lush.

I have never before used Make Up For Ever but The Sparkling Podiastrist is well versed in the line. We both purchased the High Definition foundation and (sorry Designer) I think I’m in love. The Sparkling Podiatrist says she wants to have it’s babies.
That good.

At the end of the day we decided to do one more lap. During this lap we stumbled upon TK’s Lashes and The Sparkling Podiatrist wanted to give them a try. I’m pretty easy going so I said, sure why not? They were pretty astonishing. It’s like extensions, without all of the annoying extension business. Magic.

We then skipped out of the exhibition hall and stopped at the ladies on our way to the bar where The Sparkling Podiatrist proceeded to unpack half her goodies and try them out. Some five minutes later she stopped suddenly. We were sans new magical eyelash extension product discovery of the day. Racing back to the bathroom she delivered a mantra of ‘shit’, dispersed with ‘somebody’s taken it by now’. Sure enough, somebody had taken it by now. Lips quivered. Since we were right back where we started now I suggested we go and see if anyone had handed anything back to the TK’s Lashes stall. The man there who had originally greeted us did so again and then spotted our distress as The Sparkling Podiatrist explained the bathroom enthusiasm and subsequent loss of product. He answered no, no one had dropped anything back. We lamented the loss. We thanked him and turned to leave but he asked us to wait a sec. He wandered over to some big wig types and then returned with a ‘don’t go anywhere’. He handed The Sparkling Podiatrist a bag like the one we had left with ten minutes earlier. She looked at him in disbelief, “Did someone hand it in?”. “No”, came the answer, “this is a new one for you. Enjoy”.

Thank you, to this nice man whose show of human decency on Saturday brought both of us immense joy and absolutely made The Sparkling Podiatrist’s day and both of our IMATS experience.

This is for you. We beelined for the nearest bar and then toasted you while gushing over how wonderful you were and how great IMATS was.

Have you experienced, or delievered, a generous gesture this weekend?

*The Sparkling Podiatrist and I purchased our own tickets to IMATS and bought our own products. This is not a paid or sponsored post.

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