Long Weekend at the Beach

This weekend has arrived! The Designer and I are going away for the long weekend, camping with friends at the beach. The place we’re staying at is great, the lake on one side, ocean on the other. I love it there.

This is what I have been planning on doing on our weekend away.

Along with a healthy dose of this.

Unfortunately the weather channel is reporting that Mother Nature wants to do this.


No problem, as a group we’ve actually had this problem before. Last November, we rented a big houseboat and went away for a long weekend. To sum up the weather in a non-negative way, it didn’t rain the whole time. We drank copious amounts of cider, developed a new way of playing Trivial Pursuit and fell all over the small boat that arrived late Sunday morning with newspapers and mars bars. I think I may have actually paid $4.50 for The Sun Herald.



And, on a brighter note, The Designer has promised to wake me each day with the scent of freshly brewed caffeine, right there in our tent*. Isn’t he wonderful?

We have plenty of photo two, we have a tarp (oh, to be glamping), we have bored board games and we have, of course, my all time favourite car / drinking / beach / general game – The Country Game. Last year, everybody enjoyed the Country Game so much that there were no threats to shove socks down my throat. Really.

Look out… thunderstorms… here we come! Enjoy your long weekends, unless you’re not in NSW or SA, in that case enjoy your regular weekends.

*It’s possible the conversation where he said this occurred in a dream. Nonetheless, it occurred.

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