Self Indulgent Post

The one where I am going to be openly self indulgent.

I purchased this dress today. It’s Leona Edmiston (I know right? Classy) and I love it. I am going to a ball (again – so classy!) on Friday night and I want to wear it there but need some blogosphere help with accessories. I am thinking pale pink wrap (sort of colour blocking… maybe)…

What do you think?

Please also remember I am just a couple of sizes bigger than this model…

Also, I am quite allergic to heels.


8 thoughts on “Self Indulgent Post

  1. Oh, it is lovely! Divine colour! You will look spectacular! You must be gloriously tall if you can wear a Leona maxi dress without heels. I have never bought one as I’m too scared to get it taken up in case they break my new frock!

    Colour blocking is bold colour on bold colour so a pastel pink breaks the rules. However, that’s what they are there for! Wear whatever makes you feel happy!

    Because of that lovely neckline, I would wear earrings only, like antique inspired chandeliers, and leave your neck bare. Maybe a bracelet or two.

    • Thanks Kim-Marie! Not quite gloriously tall, still need to wear small heels but stilettos are a no go zone for me.

      Bold on bold… right I get it. Love the earrings no necklace suggestion!

  2. Oh my gosh… What an amazing dress!!! You will look beautiful.

    I vote no necklace and chandelier earings (diva)… Beautiful

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