Weekend Wind Up – The Holy Grail

We were away (again) this weekend. My little brother had to have his wisdom teeth taken out and neither of my parents could be at the family home (because they were going to see John Farnham – good to see they’ve got their priorities in order) so The Designer and I headed out to the country to keep him company and make him soup. He’s pretty tough, The Artist, and exists mostly on scrambled eggs and iced coffee so it was a fairly easy task.

The Designer has had his eye on the ride on mower at my parent’s place for awhile now but the stars had not aligned for him; the weather was rainy, it had only just been done… until Saturday. The conditions were perfect, the grass was long.

He mowed about 2.5 of my parent’s 3.5 acre property and he really, really had a great time. I shall not try to describe the joy in his face, the video below reveals more than I could ever describe with mere words.

The Designer wears Big W trackpants, Bonds t-shirt and Bob Marley t-shirt from Thailand wrapped around his head for sun protection. He drinks no carb beer.

With that, I hope you enjoyed your weekends and I hope that those of you who find weekday enjoyment possible… do. x

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