A Slip of the Freudian Kind

When I was at university (before I, ya know, dropped out) I loved lectures. I know that’s an odd thing to say – most people loathe them and find them a waste of time. But I would get a coffee, settle in and enjoying listening to a person discuss something that hopefully fascinated me. I loved immersing myself in the world of learning.

Did I mention I was an English major?

So I have this story. One beautiful and clear Friday morning, I had my cappuccino and I had made my way to my Philosophy class. I was sitting in my row of choice, three from the front, and just to the left of the lecturer.

The lecturer began speaking to the group, leading into a discussion about Deep Thought.

Only, what actually came out was Deep Throat.

Sniggers softly erupted among the first three rows. Philosophy lectures are filled to the brim with people but in my experience only 30% of them are listening. The lecturer didn’t notice and carried on without interruption.

But then it happened again. And again.

Deep Throat.
Deep Throat.
Deep Throat.

I’m not sure the lecturer ever realised this tiny but really quite significant error. But I love a Freudian slip as much as the next guy and that it happened during a Philosophy class was a genuine highlight of my university experience.

Do you have a cracker of a Freudian slip story?

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