Thread it like this or wax it like that

I am a professionally trained makeup artist, working as an Executive Assistant (where many days I do not bother with makeup at all), and I really really love getting good brow. Somehow, in the muddle of life, I misplaced my career and I am now a Beauty School Dropout (maybe I should put that on my email signature, surely it would look better than ‘Shitkicker’?) and even though I’m not super girly, Beautyland seems to rest in that part of my brain where things are remembered.

Are you female?

Do you have eyebrows?

If you’ve answered yes to the above two questions then you’ve probably also tried to tame them, possibly once or twice or possibly every three weeks or so, I generally fall into the latter category.

At times I have had a regular beauty therapist do my eyebrows, but for a while now I have been whoring around getting brow from all over town.

The first time I had my eyebrows done, *some* years ago now, I had them waxed. And I carried on with that method for ten years. There were some fails but I had some super wins with this method and some amazing aesthecians tended my brows. I had an unbelievably good experience at YM.

Recently when I had my eyebrows threaded I went to Express Beauty Bar. The therapist who threaded my eyebrows did an amazing job. She was quick, relatively painless and my eyebrows looked the best they ever had. The second time I went there I suffered half an hour of dear sweet agony before looking at brows that were entirely not ruined but nowhere near as amazing as the first time. But the first time was so damn good that I decided to give it another crack. The third time rested somewhere between these two in terms of both quality and pain.

Threading is an ancient method of hair removal where the remover uses a twisted cotton thread, placing one end between their teeth while they wrap the other end around their fingers, forming a triangle and rolling it over the undesired hairs, plucking at the follicle. How is this different to tweezing? Threading can remove an entire row of hair which in theory can create a straighter line and in practice (and, I can confirm in theory) can introduce you into a whole new world of pain if your beautician is slow with the thread.

I remember reading that in Persian cultures threading is performed over the entire body before a girl gets married. O.U.C.H.

Next stop on my journey to eyebrow perfection will be Benefit Brow Bar which I have been desperate to try out.

Have you had good brow recently? Where from?

*This is not a paid or sponsored post, all three businesses mentioned above were visited on my own dollar.

6 thoughts on “Thread it like this or wax it like that

  1. That’s so funny to come across this. I had a dream last night (a nightmare really) that my eyebrows had gone out of control bushy! I scrutinized them this morning, relieved to find them normal! I still gave a few good tweezes.

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