Number Fifty

In celebration of my fiftieth post I have decided to share with you fifty random facts about myself. I like this meme and I think it’s a fun one.

  1. I wear glasses
  2. My first job was as a dental assistant
  3. I have a frustratingly good sense of smell
  4. Few places in the world have captivated me like Hawaii has
  5. Bad grammar really genuinely upsets me…
  6. More so if I made the error
  7. But I don’t like to express it on social media unless it’s in jest
  8. I would give my right arm to go to Syria
  9. I would give my left arm to go to back to Spain
  10. I’m not quite sure why I want to go to Syria but I do and I don’t like it when people give me a strange look when I tell them that
  11. I’m disorganised
  12. I wish I was less disorganised
  13. I make big efforts to be organised and sometimes I am for a while
  14. Ultimately I spend a lot of time thinking about organisation
  15. Zadie Smith’s The Autograph Man made me want to never stop reading
  16. Every time I hear Ben Harper sing Sexual Healing I feel better
  17. I believe in cheesecake
  18. I believe in wine
  19. I also believe in home made guacamole, rice paper rolls, dumplings and Byron Bay Organic Doughnuts
  20. I wish I could eat cheesecake every day
  21. I wish I could drink wine every night
  22. I love campervan holidays
  23. I have been blogging for six months now
  24. Even when nobody comments I love it here in my casa online
  25. I want to finish reading Ulysses, sometime in my life
  26. I’m actually astounded that The Designer built a computer this weekend
  27. I’ve tried to make gingerbread people for the last three Christmases
  28. I have not yet succeeded
  29. But I’ll have another go this Christmas
  30. Vegemite is for the cupboard, not the fridge
  31. And, Designer, unless you want to start doing more dishes, it will stay there
  32. I never had braces
  33. I quite like going to the supermarket
  34. I have regrets
  35. And I am highly suspicious of anyone who says they don’t
  36. My brother has Asperger’s
  37. And I once pushed a kid over in the playground for teasing him
  38. I’ll push you over too if you tease him
  39. I love Pascall’s Pineapple Lumps
  40. My Aunt owns a dance school and after 12 years of dancing I was still an uncoordinated as the first class
  41. I have a half finished Arts degree
  42. I really hope that I finish it one day
  43. I’m still young enough to be hopeful but old enough to know better
  44. I am walking 50km for The Fred Hollows Foundation next March
  45. I had Asthma as a child, it disappeared then one day 6 years ago I took some Nurofen and I’ve had it back ever since
  46. I miss my bestie who’s been living in London for one and a half years so much it hurts
  47. Even though this is just my 50th post, I’d love to go to BlogHer 2012 in New York baby
  48. I will eat pastrami on rye, grapefruit and egg creams every day if I get to go
  49. I’m still thinking about 18, and now I want a dumpling
  50. Food, apparently, holds a special place in my life

So there you have it. 50 fun facts about me! Enjoy them all, individually and together.

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