Weekend Wind Up

Yep. That’s how my weekend rolled, the lurgy set right in on Saturday afternoon (how well timed) and I’m still really feeling it now, although I have faithfully soldiered on.

The Designer built a computer with his own two hands. It was like watching a modern day superhero, I think even the cockroaches and the possum we have living in our roof could sense his excitement when he opened up the graphics card for the first time.

I had a successful baking experience, after much bad luck*. This is the third Christmas in a row that I’ve had a go at gingerbread people and the first year I have succeeded! Look how happy they are, all in a row. Obviously I’m getting in early with the practice run, I’ll probably fail miserably with my actual Christmas batch. Or maybe not…

How was your weekend?

*Read: unskilled throwing together of ingredients, following by extreme disappointment at the inevitable fail.

One thought on “Weekend Wind Up

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