Posted in December 2011

Countdown to Christmas

I am one of those clichéd idiots who starts babbling about how much they love Christmas and baking gingerbread on December 1. And I have great plans to wrap up everything that is ongoing at work and leave my desk a clean slate, ready to wipe the horrors of the workplace from my mind as … Continue reading

The Office Christmas Party

It really is a trivialised thing, isn’t it? The office Christmas Party. It is a special environment. A mass of people flung together with alcohol planted in the hands, most of whom would not enjoy the company of the others were it not for the shared need to earn money. Sometimes office Christmas parties are … Continue reading

You’ve lost weight!

It’s a tried and tested topic, that one where we discuss what people really mean. Lots of stuff that people let slip out of their mouths is the opposite of what they’re actually trying to say (but they can’t say what they’re actually trying to say as that would be rude). Let me elaborate. “You’ve … Continue reading

Weekend Wind Up… Ukulele Lady

On Sunday, The Designer, My Mum and I went to a ukulele lesson. My Mum was a flight attendant in the 70s and Hawai’i is her destination of choice, and she’s always wanted to learn how to play the ukulele. After a recent trip in Waikiki where she learnt to surf (yep, My Mum learnt … Continue reading