An Open Letter to my iPhone, I wish you hadn’t…

The things your mobile phone can do these days. A few weeks ago I watched a friend of mine tell Siri he loved her. She responded with “that’s nice”.

My own mobile phone is a measly iPhone4 and sometimes it is a little smarter than I. For example, Scoopon send me messages every day with their offer of the day. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to ban these updates from buzzing onto my screen every afternoon and every day without fail they make me disappointed that the message isn’t from a real person.

Earlier this week, as I sat at my desk working away, this appeared on my phone’s screen. I did a double take. I was entirely intrigued. Colonic Irrigation, as in, fancy phrase for sticking a tube up there to remove toxins and faeces from the colon. I’m not a prude, but usually Scoopon beckons me with an offer of a cheap blow dry or massage… now I’m wondering what the true propositions are behind those shiny memos.

It prompted me to google colonic irrigation and wikipedia actually supplied me with a photograph of a room which this procedure can be performed in.

Scoopon, I must say I am highly disappointed that you made this topic my thought topic of choice on Tuesday afternoon. And anyway, is it really something you want to have the cheap version of? Ouch!

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to my iPhone, I wish you hadn’t…

  1. If it’s being sent as a text message, many times, replying “stop” to any unwanted texts will stop them. Other than that, have you access to your scoopon account? If so, go to “account” and “communication/email preferences” and opt out of the messages being sent to your phone. Also, hitting “reply” and changing the subject line of any unwanted emails to “UNSUBSCRIBE” will in most cases stop those as well.


  2. Someone was talking about this on my Twitter feed the other day! Apparently there are lots of health benefits, however it is not something I’d choose to do! (Especially at a discounted price).

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