Weekend Wind Up… Ukulele Lady

On Sunday, The Designer, My Mum and I went to a ukulele lesson. My Mum was a flight attendant in the 70s and Hawai’i is her destination of choice, and she’s always wanted to learn how to play the ukulele. After a recent trip in Waikiki where she learnt to surf (yep, My Mum learnt to surf. And she was GOOD at it), she came back full of Aloha and Blue Hawaiis.

We fronted up to the class and I really did not know what to expect. I do not play a musical instrument and never have, unless you count the Friday afternoon jam sessions on the drums in Year 3. One of the things I picked up very quickly was that there are three possible ways of saying ukulele. They are:

Uku – LAR – le
Uku – LAY – le
OO – kulele

According to a loud man on the video showed to us, the last is the traditional Hawaiian way of saying it and our instructor used all three throughout the day.

The Designer actually plays guitar so he was pretty good at it. My Mum and I… less so. We giggled our way through the chords and while I mastered some, others, like G, felt way out of my reach. I soldiered on and by this time next year I am hoping to master You Are My Sunshine.

I had so much fun, and My Mum has decided that the three of us will serenade the rest of the family on Christmas Day. I am not so sure this will eventuate given the amount of champagne we usually like to consume on this holiday and seeing as it’s 6 December and I cannot link one chord to another but we should at least be able to make The Designer play the “uke” (the instructor called it that, I’m not going out on a limb there. Promise) and sing to us.

The ukulele is a beautiful instrument and I am really looking forward now to our next, and last, class on Sunday. It may not sound like much to some, but I can be PAINFULLY (and lord, I mean painfully) shy so to sit in a room with ten strangers and make something within the realm of music in front of them is a big challenge, and now achievement, to me.

The Designer, in particular, had a really great time

What have you done lately that’s been challenging but amazing?

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