You’ve lost weight!

It’s a tried and tested topic, that one where we discuss what people really mean. Lots of stuff that people let slip out of their mouths is the opposite of what they’re actually trying to say (but they can’t say what they’re actually trying to say as that would be rude). Let me elaborate.

“You’ve lost weight!”

This is my most hated of all the over used phrases. I should make it red and get The Designer to put little red horns on it. Anyone who dares let this one land in my lap is greeted with an unrelenting stare. Once upon a time I would timidly say I don’t think so… and change the subject but my baby bear days are over. Now I look the offender in the eye, cock my head to one side and question, “why do you say this?”. My weight is about as likely to become conversational fodder as your belly button lint or tinea is. I am serious. I am a size 12/14, and I do not consider myself heavy. I’m happy with how I look and if I’ve not mentioned weight loss to you then it’s not on my agenda. Or yours, trust me.

I know that some may balk at my sentiments. Oh but it is a compliment… I don’t mean you NEED to lose weight, but you have… wish I could drop weight without trying… chances are if you’re spinning any of this crap you’ve already lost me. By saying those three little words, you’ve pretty much said, “Gee, you’re not as disgustingly fat as the image I store of you in my mind”.

I am not snuffing exercise or healthy eating.

But do you realise how utterly, exhaustingly, mind numbingly dull it is to hear about how you smashed yourself in Body Pump last night? Then again, I do enjoy when people use this adjective in this way. In my mind it is something far more lewd and FAR more interesting.

I digress. It’s Friday. Grab a wine and kick back – there’s so much to be happy about!

One thought on “You’ve lost weight!

  1. Yes there is so much to be happy about – I said those 3 words to a lady at playgroup last week and she pumped her fists and said YEAH 27 kgs doing nothing but taking a new drug to speed up her slow heart beat !

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