Weekend Wind Up – ukuleles, carols and bananas

Well, I have done a truly wonderful job of neglecting my blog over the last week or so.

Christmas can do that I guess. On a side note, isn’t it great how you can blame every little slip on Christmas?

Week before last I blogged about my ukulele class and The Designer, my Mum and I headed off to Sydney Community College again on the Sunday that followed. I am now a bonafide ukulele master. Or not, seeing as I am not even sure what scales are. But The Designer is good and I just strum along on a consistent C chord beside him. My Mum is desperate for us to show the family what we’ve got on Christmas Day, so more on that later. I suspect it will result in The Designer playing decent ukulele and My Mum and I singing along off key but enthusiastically, champagne in hand.

On Saturday we joined 48 billion people at The Domain to rejoice in Christmas Carols but somehow we did it wrong. We had the picnic blankets, the wine and the cheese but we also had a 15 month old and no idea that it did not start until 8:30pm. Also, as soon as it got dark everyone around us everywhere whipped out these candles wrapped in red plastic. No idea where those came from, presumably it could be found at the start of one of the massive queues that surrounded The Domain. So after an hour or so of warbling carols interspersed with the little guy’s crying we wrapped it up and the pregnant lady amongst us farewelled fellow carollers around us by nearly going bottoms up after slipping in somebody’s hummus.

I have also rediscovered my joy for bananas, putting a distressing year of tiny and incredibly expensive yellow fruit behind me.

Quite a weekend for Casa Flowers. I also had to go to my office Christmas party but I have decided to discuss that little gem in its entirety later this week…

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