Reality Blues

Christmas is gone. The tree is away. The smell of gingerbread is no longer lingering in my kitchen.

New Years celebrations have been had. There is no champagne in my fridge. Sensible clothes are laid out for tomorrow.

The reality blues have hit me hard this year. My holidays finished today, tomorrow I am back at work and 2012 is really beginning.

I am too blue to write a proper or mildly clever post so here is what I have been up to, in point form.

Did myself a mischief on Christmas Day, which required Dettol and a Band Aid. It did not require my Mum’s patient but insistent requests not to bleed on her kitchen.

Read Caribou Island by David Vann and found that it freaked me out a little. I got half way through The Long Song by Andrea Levy and am enjoying that a lot more.

Made a few thousand trips to the bottle shop.

I have retained more lasting memories of Cityrail and it’s unique travelers, The Designer and I included, than the party it took us to and home from on New Years Eve.

Completely, totally and suddenly forgot my PIN number.

Picked my way through thousands of blue bottles and some other bright blue things that looked a bit like small squishy scorpions on the Gold Coast’s beaches.

Did approximately 467 loads of laundry but it’s ok because I just about matched that number in consumption of champagne too.

Supervised as The Designer “worked on his cannonballs”, Macaulay Culkin style.

Still definitely do not remember my PIN number, which I imagine to be the universe’s way of saying STOP SPENDING, YOU DID A DAMN GOOD JOB ON THAT ACCOUNT OVER CHRISTMAS, IT’S OVER NOW, so I am going to have to go to a place that I really do not enjoy this week – the bank, and that will only make my reality blues fester.

Discovered fat mum slim’s January photo a day challenge which is one of the best discoveries of my year so far!

And how is 2012 shaping up for you?

2 thoughts on “Reality Blues

  1. I have a bit of the reality blues myself, although I remain steadfast in my belief that this year will surely not bring some apocalyptic event. I hope to get the book I wrote last year – my memoirs – published this year.

    Other than that, it’s life-back-to-normal. The older I get (43 years, currently) the more the holidays seem to hit me like only a pebble in the road of life.

    -Kendall Johnson, Jr.
    Brookhaven, Mississippi, USA

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