The Glare

You know when you go to a cafe and there’s always a person who gets in the way of everything. Not that person who giggles and shuffles out of the way nodding in apology and citing the early hour as reason enough to be lagging in daily society. Not that person, I am okay with that person. Sometimes I am that person.

No, today my friends we are discussing those choice individuals who arrive at the cafe talking loudly on their mobile phone. Then they dump their gym bag, handbag and assorted other paraphenalia on the counter and order their long short skinny vanilla latte one sweetener twice removed.

Then they move slightly to the side and proceed to sort through all their crap, using as much communal space as is humanly possible until their order is ready to collect.

Up until this point, I generally find this scene entertaining. I assume I am supposed to, it is intended as a performance piece, isn’t it? Then comes the glare. You know the glare. It excuted with the flair of experience and directed at all the people who need to push past this very special individual. Which is many, since much space is required for all the junk they’ve got with them.

I, Internet, started my day today with that glare. On the up side, things can only get better!

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