Love That Lasts

The first time I saw The Beautiful Girls in concert it was Saturday 17 July 2010 at The Enmore. I have loved their music for a long time and was thrilled to be going to that concert. Spooks, their fourth album, had my heart from it’s very first beat. We had tickets months in advance and I ended up missing out on one of my bests engagement parties for it. I was supposed to attend the party earlier in the evening but lo and behold… my car had a problem with my plans and let me know about it. I’ll say it right here, by the time I got there that night I wasn’t in the greatest of moods.

I had THE BEST TIME. It is a stray night in my past that I still talk about as enthusiastically as if it were last weekend. The love I felt in that room was intense and I know that could be an odd thing to say about a concert but it is how I feel when I hear these guys play. Mat McHugh’s voice fills my whole soul with happiness.

I hail from Avalon and every time I go back to the beaches I feel an intense sense of connection and pride. I remember pushing my hands toward the sunshine as I flew up to the sky and falling deep into the air after letting go of the swing at Avalon Beach, and afterwards telling my Dad through sobs that I had just felt so free, I remember getting hot chocolate and croissants with my Uncle (or qua-sonts as he claimed their correct pronunciation to be) after a Saturday morning surf, I remember racing away from Warriewood Square with my Mum during the 1994 bushfires, blazing pockets on either side of the road and I remember walking down to Avalon Cinema with my Pa where he always bought an extra popcorn because if one didn’t get tipped over it wasn’t really going to the movies.

Last Friday, 13 January 2012 at The Mona Vale Hotel, I saw The Beautiful Girls play again. We trundled up to the Northern Beaches to watch the show on their home ground. It was packed tight and unbelievably sweaty, steamy and sticky. And I could not have been happier.

“I’m Mat McHugh and we’re The Beautiful Girls from Dee Why Beach, Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia!”

I am delighted with my grimy iPhone shot. The memories inside that image are priceless to me. They wrapped up a beautiful show with Periscopes.

“And things don’t always go the way you plan,
but if your rolling with the flow well then it makes it easier,
makes it easier to bare.”

So, I am left with only one thing to say. Thank you. To The Beautiful Girls and to the Northern Beaches for a love and light filled night. I am still absorbing… well, everything.


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