Bureaucracy: A Beautiful Thing

I have an announcement to make. The Designer and I have moved! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you already know that. We’re absolutely thrilled to pieces with our little apartment.

And we feel we really deserve it.

I shaved a year or two off my life, in the lead up to renting this place. Want to know why?

We tried to purchase our first home.

I filled out forty seven forms, made fifty eight phone calls and sent one hundred and eleven emails*.

We ended up having a mad dash to the registry office one morning at 8:00am to get a copy of The Designer’s birth certificate.

We traisped to open houses, week after week after week after week. We fought over the little details… balcony, kitchen size, presence of oven (plenty of one bedrooms in Sydney do not have a real kitchen).

We agonised and fretted over making offers, then we agonised and fretted some more once we’d made the offer. And we waited.

We went to auctions. We went to more than one auction, but the last one got me. It was right before Christmas. I loved that apartment and it went for $16,000 higher than we were prepared to pay. When that hammer went down my shoulders shook so violently as I fought back the tears. The auctions easily took a year of my life, thanks to the anxious fretter in me.

Then we decided to just stop it. We spent more than a year trying. It became too damn hard. It sapped me of all my energy.

And now it’s over.

Three weeks ago, The Designer and I went off on a Saturday morning with yet another list of open houses. But this time we were looking at rentals. We looked at a slew of crappy places, a couple of okay ones and one that was nearly perfect. We applied for the nearly perfect one and the okay ones. I barely even thought about it as I suspected we had no chance.

We did not even submit our application until Monday morning at 9:30am. And those of you familiar with Sydney’s rental market will realise that is a very big no-no.

By that afternoon we had been approved on the nearly perfect apartment. Five days later we moved in.

I am exhausted from the sudden move and subsequent packing, but I am relieved. Even with boxes all around me life feels less cluttered. I have pushed all thoughts of apartment purchasing from my mind, it’s time to deal with personal development.

This is our new home. Since this photograph, we have done a damn good job of filling it with all our crap.

And we love it.

*numbers are approximate

2 thoughts on “Bureaucracy: A Beautiful Thing

  1. House hunting in Sydney is crazy! I bought a unit in 2009 but didn’t go the auction route…which I am guessing is a lot worse! However, even just the open houses were stressful enough…I remember trying to fit stuff in after work, before work, between work…and I wasn’t looking to buy in the suburb where I was working so had to add travel to all of that! I still thank my stars at how lucky I got and I am still grateful for my unit. I think it’s just time and luck. I’m also anxious…so it just added to the intensity! :S Glad you both found a lovely rental… 🙂

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