There’s Culture in a Cult Party

Over the weekend The Designer and I went to a bon voyage/housewarming party (a unique combination, sure) which ended up becoming a themed party. The theme was Cult Classics.

There were many weird and wonderful costumes. Old Greg from The Mighty Boosh, Princess Leia, Charles Manson, The Dude from The Big Lebowski (of course) and the father of all cults, Jesus.

I tossed and turned over a few ideas and eventually I settled on Mrs Ida Lowry from Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. I think I did a really good job of interpreting this theme because I chose to go as a character few people recognise but some know, understand and remember like the back of their hands. The definition of a cult figure, right? Only, I had to keep explaining who I was all night and eventually googled a picture of her and held my phone next to my head while saying, ‘”See, trust me. It’s really a character; I did not just chuck a shoe on my head”.

Surprisingly that bright red mop drew more attention than the leopard print shoe show on my head. And I must credit The Designer here. He engineered that shoe into a hat.

I think Brazil is an amazing movie. It captures the nightmare of reality. Fantasy. Terrorists. Bombs. Late night shopping. TRUE LOVE. And unusual and unreliable plumbing.

Plus, you know, I got to wear a stiletto on my head!

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