Packing Sweats

At the end of this week The Designer and I will be heading off on an amazing Singapore and Thailand vay-cay.

I can hardly wait! I have not been overseas for years and neither has The Designer so every part of this has been a little thrill. I mean every part, as in the travel insurance, the vaccination shots… the tetanus shot. Okay, maybe not the tetanus shot.

image courtesy of Microsoft Office clip art

But the one bit that has me writhing with panic is the packing. I like to pack in advance, to avoid the anxiety, but I never really manage to do so. Yesterday, I started thought about packing.

I wrote a list. Actually, I wrote approximately five lists. I started writing them weeks ago and ended up scraping them all because of the confusion. So, over coffee yesterday morning, I wrote another master list; I wrote a super list. And I think I remembered everything, from the Epi Pen to the sunscreen. Then I went and purchased a laptop, as you do, and we headed off to The Designer’s parents place for lunch.

After we got home I pulled out the suitcase. I got out my list. Then they started – the packing sweats.

What is it about packing that makes me want to clean the toilet? Scrub the shower? IRON? I’ll tell you what it is. For the anxious among us, it is a huge task to set aside clothing options for two and a half weeks. But I had to do it. So I knuckled down and made toasted sandwiches.


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