Why I Hate My Job

I don’t hate my job.

Ah, start again.

I don’t belong in Corporateland. It’s not somewhere I’ve ever felt myself and I only found my way into it by sheer exhaustion of other unskilled opportunities. I was desperate for cash and got involved. Now, three years later, I’m tired of selling out. I do not believe all people in Corporateland are selling out. I’ve had much time to observe them, as a group and individually, now and I can confirm, some of the corporates love it. Really. Really, really love it.

I see their enthusiasm but I cannot raise them care factor.

Perhaps it’s all the tired. God knows, I am tired.

Today is my second last day in Corporateland and tomorrow will be my last. Today will happen in fits of champagne, quiet words and hopefully a kebab at the end of the night. Tomorrow will be my last day. My last day ever in Corporateland, I hope. The next day will be the beginning of everything else. Our flight to Singapore. A stint in Thailand. Too many wines and maybe one or two cocktails with the little umbrellas in them.

And then? The life of a – cross your fingers – writer. My fingers are crossed so tight right now they’re cramping.

2 thoughts on “Why I Hate My Job

  1. Good for you! Much jalousy! I am still stuck in the corporate world and frustration only grows by the day. My economy will not allow me to quit. I must admit I play a lot of online scratch cards at the moment. The hope of a better future lives:)

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