A Photo Essay: Singapore Days 3 & 4

Our trip in Singapore continued at a slower pace during days 3 and 4. With The Banker and The Journalist back to work after the weekend, The Designer and I wandered around and made ourselves acquainted with this pretty city. The Journalist skipped a few hours to enjoy a mani-pedi with me, and the three of us made our way into the city to meet The Banker after work for drinks at Singapore Cricket Club. We gaped at the light show over Marina Bay Sands and rubbed our bellies in ecstasy after dinner at a hawker centre. Our camera charger then decided to throw in the towel which allowed us to discover Sim Lim Square, a multi storey electronics mecca. We ate hummus and lamb in Arab Street, at which point I wasted no time in declaring the eclectic area as my favourite in Singapore so far. And, finally, we visited Singapore Zoo for the Night Safari which was so much fun (albeit very, very… clammy).

Raffles Place, Singapore.

The Journalist and I taking in the sunset by the river.

Singapore Cricket Club.

The Designer and I during the light show over Marina Bay Sands.

Late dinner at Lau Pa Sat Hawker Center.

Sim Lim Square, a multi storey electronics shopping centre.

Arab Street District.

Masjid Sultan Mosque in Arab Street. I have shots of the Mosque that are more traditionally pretty but I sort of fell for the grittier look of this image.

Love an ice cold apple tea on Arab Street in steaming, sweaty Singapore.

The animals weren’t the scariest thing to look at on the Night Safari.

Stay tuned for Days 4 and 5, things get really wild when the cough syrup comes out to play!

2 thoughts on “A Photo Essay: Singapore Days 3 & 4

  1. Hi, am happy that you love Singapore 🙂 you should try Sentosa too. If u are into startups. Check out blk71.com that’s where the Singapore startups gather. And if u are into food try the food at the hawker centers. There are great hawker food over at Macpherson (circleline)

    Cheers and enjoy Singapore

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