A Photo Essay: Singapore Days 5 & 6

Days 5 and 6 of our trip were quiet ones. Of course The Designer developed a nasty cold following an equally if not more so nasty ear infection in the weeks before we left for the trip. Day 5 he took some night strength pills in the morning, after which he well and truly passed out until about 6pm with a brief intermission in the middle for a ham and cheese toastie. I spent the day laying by the pool, discovering the local supermarket Cold Storage (An odd name for a supermarket if ever I heard one) and purchasing various cold and flu remedies for The Designer to try out. Once evening fell he pulled himself together and we went out to Mexican in Clarke Quay for The Banker’s birthday.

The view from which my Kindle and I become very acquainted over these days.

Meet Fandango, the resident fighting fish who is a little bit partial to the colour red.

Birthday fun (that’s right, birthday fun complete with tequila).

This photo may not look like much but when we went to brunch at Robertson Quay before we flew out to Thailand I had the first drinkable coffee I had since we had been away. And The Designer was feeling a bit better! The people in the photo aren’t interested because The Journalist had left her phone in the cab and the boys were following it’s location via the Find my iPhone app.

But this coffee? This coffee. Coffee.

Oh, and we found the phone. Despite the fact it traveled almost as far as Malaysia.

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