I think people call this the Holiday Blues

So. We’re obviously home. But I forgot to write about our very last day on holidays.

When our lush adventure in Thailand drew to an end we mournfully gathered our belongings and headed to the airport. There was one last little bit to look forward to though. We had a one night stopover in Singapore. Not enough time for, well, anything really. Hardly 24 hours and we would be back on the plane winging our way to Australia.

But we did have one night left. And we had just got engaged. What was there to do but drink champagne with The Banker and The Journalist, get fish spa pedicures and samples Singapore’s finest export at Raffles?

Oh I know. All this champagne… but someone has to drink it right?

Doctor Fish, Singapore. I don’t think I’ll be racing back for this one again but it was fun to give it a go.

Raffles Hotel, Singapore.

The Designer and I sucking down Singapore Slings in Raffles’ Long Bar.

Raffles Hotel, Singapore.

But you know what I did not get to do? I didn’t get to drink coffee from a bag. It’s true, in Singapore they really do serve coffee in a bag. I missed out.

And that’s a regret I am going to have to live with.

But, I guess that’s okay.

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