So what is the appropriate reaction to a car accident?

Last Friday, I was a very good fiancé person and drove to the shops to collect beer for my beloved for a BBQ we would be attending that night.

I also purchased a shower caddy, because I am awesome and always remember things that we need for our home when I go to the shops*.

I drove out of the shops, turned the corner and paused patiently behind 2 or 3 other cars lined up at the red light. I was at a complete stop for quite a few seconds. I remember rubbing my left eye. Then, BANG.

The whole world shook and everything around me fell into crevices not seen one minute previously. People, cars… convenience stores… all fell into the centre of the Earth. Which is not quite right. No, but while it felt like all that was happening what actually went down was that another driver rammed into the back of my car with an intensity that shoved me and my car forwards, broke my glasses and spun me into shock. After a second I realised what had actually happened and I hopped out of my car to exchange details with the person who had rendered my eyesight challenged.

She apologised to me, said she’d not done this before and I responded pleasantly, I told her that these things happen and set about writing down my contact details.

And then she said, “Were these marks caused by my car? I don’t think my car did this. It looks too high.”

Yep, I’d say they were caused by your car. You realise that you just slammed my car with such ferocity that my glasses sprung forward and snapped on the steering wheel while we both (me and my car) lurched forward from the force? The only other trauma my car has been through is when The Designer scrubbed the back tire on the gutter once when reverse parking.

Doesn’t that just irk all your frustration feelings? When somebody concedes fault then decides to back-pedal a bit?

Anyway, I won because I got back in the car, drove home trying to hold my glasses to my nose then burst into tears because somebody had taken my parking spot. I guess I was in shock after all!

Here’s the incredibly creative and awesome mud map I drew for the insurance company.

*We have needed this shower caddy almost every day since February, when we moved.

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