Progress Report

On Wednesday night The Designer and I, or jetlagged versions of our former selves, succumbed to our despair and went nigh nigh at about 8pm. At 4am we had a very animated and very much awake discussion about how this was an error. He read the newspaper on his phone and I played Draw Something until I got bored and starting looking out the window, waiting for the day to begin, the judgement of which was via sunshine, as it always is (for me anyway).

Anyway. We decided to head off for a walk. The Designer has fabulous new runners that he purchased for $80 in Hawai’i and he found them online here for $200 so he was pretty keen to give them a go. We headed off on our usual trek through the wilds of the Inner West and finished our route as normal at our favourite local coffee shop. I had even remembered our KeepCups. It was tres busy and as we waited for our order I popped into the supermarket to get some fruit for a super healthy breakfast and The Designer and I met on the street, he with coffee and me with fruit and I silently congratulated us for being so organised. We walked back to our apartment and when we arrived at the front door we looked at each other.

Do you have the keys?



And it was only 7:30am. We were so organised. I jeered at my five minutes in the past self while we walked across the road and thumped on the door of a house where friends live. But they either were still asleep or didn’t like the chances of what would be on the other side of the door at that time on a Thursday. We faffed around for a bit then decided to walk to our real estate agent to see if we could get a set of the keys. It’s not a long walk, and we dawdled, but it was only 8:15am when we got there. The sign on the door said the office opened at 9am. We went around the corner to a cafe and had another coffee and waited. And waited. Then we got the keys from the agent and headed on home.

During our disaster, The Designer had tweeted his colleague, telling him of our misfortune, via my phone as he didn’t have his with him and was therefore without his phone number, etc. Later in the day I spotted The Designer’s progress report on his twitter feed to his colleague and I loved it so much I felt it should not become lost in cyberspace but remembered here on this blog forever… ahem.

First in the progress report line up: the train is 5 minutes away.

The Designer getting on the train.

The Designer sitting on the train.

The Designer’s view from the train.

This one is my favourite. This is the office comeback progress report. We’re waiting for you…

I’m not totally sure what’s going on with this one.

The Designer is getting off the train.

The Designer rides the escalator.

The Designer exits the train station.

And then he finally arrived at his destination.

I think it’s also relevant to mention that he would have walked through the office doors 2.5 seconds after this one arrived.

Also, I am sorry for the skinny photos. The Designer has a Andriod. I don’t know if that explains things, but that’s all I’ve got.

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