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Why I Hate My Job

I don’t hate my job. Ah, start again. I don’t belong in Corporateland. It’s not somewhere I’ve ever felt myself and I only found my way into it by sheer exhaustion of other unskilled opportunities. I was desperate for cash and got involved. Now, three years later, I’m tired of selling out. I do not … Continue reading

The Office Christmas Party

It really is a trivialised thing, isn’t it? The office Christmas Party. It is a special environment. A mass of people flung together with alcohol planted in the hands, most of whom would not enjoy the company of the others were it not for the shared need to earn money. Sometimes office Christmas parties are … Continue reading

Weekend Wind Up

Another hectic weekend passed by at Casa Flowers, and this one was a little extended as on Monday we went to Eastern Creek for The Designer’s v8 drive experience (it was my Christmas present to him last year. Nothing like striking while the iron’s hot, wouldn’t you say?) Anyway, all in all it was good. … Continue reading

Weekend Wind Up – IMATS

On Saturday my glorious friend The Sparkling Podiatrist (she sparkles because ‘The Podiatrist’ would make her sound a little like a sixty three year old man) and I visited the International Makeup Artist Trade Show at the Sydney Convention Centre. After getting coffee we greedily followed the IMATS bags as neither of us knew exactly … Continue reading

Weekend Wind Up

I had a bloody good weekend. I had one of those weekends where today, Monday, all day I just want the weekend to keep going. On Saturday The Designer and I shimmied over to Balmain where we guzzled Sauvignon Blanc and ate hot rock tapas. Pre-food arrival, I did not understand what the fuss was. … Continue reading

The First One – Welcome

Welcome to my very first blog post. THANK YOU @thefruittoast, @calmblueblogger, @KerriSackville and @Woogsworld for your encouragement (although these last two may have had a few too many champers at the When My Husband Does The Dishes book launch to remember their encouragement. Nonetheless, I appreciate it). A kick in the right direction in real life and … Continue reading