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We’re at The Airport!

This is me, right now. In a few short long hours I will be in Singapore! The Designer and I are going to visit his brother, The Banker, and his brother’s girlfriend, The Journalist, in Singapore. Because, well, they live there. It will be The Banker’s birthday while we’re there at their home and it … Continue reading

The Glare

You know when you go to a cafe and there’s always a person who gets in the way of everything. Not that person who giggles and shuffles out of the way nodding in apology and citing the early hour as reason enough to be lagging in daily society. Not that person, I am okay with … Continue reading

My Sippy Cup

This is my Keep Cup.   Oh how I miss you on this day…   Well, it’s not actually my Keep Cup. It’s what my Keep Cup looked like when I first got it, shiny and new, back when the white plug was still white. Today I have forgotten it. I don’t really remember why … Continue reading