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Simple Pleasures

Sometimes, in fact probably all the time, you (read: I) need to let the little things count. We have spent the last week or so house/dog sitting for The Designer’s parents while they visit his brother, The Banker, in Singapore. They live in a lovely terrace on a cute street with a cafe within a … Continue reading

Weekend Wind Up

I had a bloody good weekend. I had one of those weekends where today, Monday, all day I just want the weekend to keep going. On Saturday The Designer and I shimmied over to Balmain where we guzzled Sauvignon Blanc and ate hot rock tapas. Pre-food arrival, I did not understand what the fuss was. … Continue reading

Paradise Saturday

Saturday’s are the most magical day of the week and today has been yet another day of domestic bliss at Casa Flowers. I thought I’d share… Wake up. The Designer is trying to quietly extract himself from the bed, locate Ugg boots and escape to me free PlayStation haven I have woken up so that … Continue reading