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You’ve lost weight!

It’s a tried and tested topic, that one where we discuss what people really mean. Lots of stuff that people let slip out of their mouths is the opposite of what they’re actually trying to say (but they can’t say what they’re actually trying to say as that would be rude). Let me elaborate. “You’ve … Continue reading

Weekend Wind Up

On Friday night I consumed at least as a minimum my body weight in dumplings at Crave Food Festival’s Night Noodle Markets. I love dumplings. We had so much fun talking, eating dumplings and drinking wine into the night. Last year when we left, we saw a German tourist trying to pet a possum outside … Continue reading

Long Weekend at the Beach

This weekend has arrived! The Designer and I are going away for the long weekend, camping with friends at the beach. The place we’re staying at is great, the lake on one side, ocean on the other. I love it there. This is what I have been planning on doing on our weekend away. Along … Continue reading

Weekend Wind Up

All in all, my weekend was filled with mostly this. And a sickly sweet part of me actually enjoys this. I like getting everything clean and I enjoy the Saturday morning feeling of looking forward to tidiness, only to be closely followed by Saturday afternoon wine and avoiding eye contact with the pile of clean laundry … Continue reading

It’s Friday

Today is my first day of a long weekend with my family but for the world, there is sad news. My thoughts are with the family and friends of those involved in the ABC crash and the Pukkelpop disaster. Today is one of those days when maybe you just need to flip the bird and … Continue reading

Paradise Saturday

Saturday’s are the most magical day of the week and today has been yet another day of domestic bliss at Casa Flowers. I thought I’d share… Wake up. The Designer is trying to quietly extract himself from the bed, locate Ugg boots and escape to me free PlayStation haven I have woken up so that … Continue reading