My 30 by 30

  1. Start a blog: Oh yes. Here’s my first ever post.
  2. Walk 50km for the Fred Hollows Foundation: finished on 3.3.12 but I didn’t write a post about it. I was too busy developing a deep and abiding love for Deep Heat and crying over my New Zealand sized blisters.
  3. Go to Africa.
  4. Complete my family tree.
  5. Visit The Designer’s brother, The Banker, and his girlfriend, The Journalist, at their home in Singapore. Yep, we went in May 2012.
  6. Visit my best friend at her home in London.
  7. Earn an income through writing.
  8. Go to Syria and more specifically Damascus. Update – can’t see this happening any time soon. But hey, I live with hope.
  9. Learn to play anything on the ukulele that sounds like music. Not just C.
  10. Go to a yoga class.
  11. Read Lolita.
  12. Finish my Arts Degree.
  13. Drive a campervan around Australia with The Designer.
  14. Cook lasagna from scratch including pasta, the whole thing.
  15. Take a photography class.
  16. Make a rainbow cake.
  17. Host a Drawtism evening.
  18. Meet a bloggie friend.
  19. Surf. And stay upright for five seconds.
  20. Visit the hospital in the USA where my Dad goes for treatment every six months (thanks to a nasty DVT).
  21. Go to New York City. Drink egg creams and martinis; eat hotdogs and cheesecake. Walk fast.
  22. Attend a blogging conference.
  23. Write a book.

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