Posted in January 2012

The Land of Milk and Cookies

On the weekend I indulged in one of my favourite pastimes and baked chocolate chip cookies. Yup, I’m that lame it really is one of my favourite things to do. Well, the eating of the cookies is probably my favourite. The weather is so shit today that I want to go home and bake cookies … Continue reading

2011 in review

Okay. Sometimes I am guilty of being a little negligent laid back with my email account. Okay, not sometimes. Whatever. So I missed this when WordPress sent it to me on 1 January, but check out how cool it is. The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for my blog. Here’s an … Continue reading

Love That Lasts

The first time I saw The Beautiful Girls in concert it was Saturday 17 July 2010 at The Enmore. I have loved their music for a long time and was thrilled to be going to that concert. Spooks, their fourth album, had my heart from it’s very first beat. We had tickets months in advance and … Continue reading

The Glare

You know when you go to a cafe and there’s always a person who gets in the way of everything. Not that person who giggles and shuffles out of the way nodding in apology and citing the early hour as reason enough to be lagging in daily society. Not that person, I am okay with … Continue reading

Reality Blues

Christmas is gone. The tree is away. The smell of gingerbread is no longer lingering in my kitchen. New Years celebrations have been had. There is no champagne in my fridge. Sensible clothes are laid out for tomorrow. The reality blues have hit me hard this year. My holidays finished today, tomorrow I am back … Continue reading