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Progress Report

On Wednesday night The Designer and I, or jetlagged versions of our former selves, succumbed to our despair and went nigh nigh at about 8pm. At 4am we had a very animated and very much awake discussion about how this was an error. He read the newspaper on his phone and I played Draw Something … Continue reading

Countdown to Christmas

I am one of those clichéd idiots who starts babbling about how much they love Christmas and baking gingerbread on December 1. And I have great plans to wrap up everything that is ongoing at work and leave my desk a clean slate, ready to wipe the horrors of the workplace from my mind as … Continue reading

I am a magnet for hazard

Some people would say I’m a klutz. They would not be wrong. Recently I was walking to the bus stop from work. It was dark but not super late and it was raining. There was a small dip in the road. This small and relatively insignificant combination resulted in me going headfirst toward the tarmac. … Continue reading