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Progress Report

On Wednesday night The Designer and I, or jetlagged versions of our former selves, succumbed to our despair and went nigh nigh at about 8pm. At 4am we had a very animated and very much awake discussion about how this was an error. He read the newspaper on his phone and I played Draw Something … Continue reading

A Photo Essay: Singapore Days 5 & 6

Days 5 and 6 of our trip were quiet ones. Of course The Designer developed a nasty cold following an equally if not more so nasty ear infection in the weeks before we left for the trip. Day 5 he took some night strength pills in the morning, after which he well and truly passed … Continue reading

A Photo Essay: Singapore Days 3 & 4

Our trip in Singapore continued at a slower pace during days 3 and 4. With The Banker and The Journalist back to work after the weekend, The Designer and I wandered around and made ourselves acquainted with this pretty city. The Journalist skipped a few hours to enjoy a mani-pedi with me, and the three … Continue reading

We’re at The Airport!

This is me, right now. In a few short long hours I will be in Singapore! The Designer and I are going to visit his brother, The Banker, and his brother’s girlfriend, The Journalist, in Singapore. Because, well, they live there. It will be The Banker’s birthday while we’re there at their home and it … Continue reading

Packing Sweats

At the end of this week The Designer and I will be heading off on an amazing Singapore and Thailand vay-cay. I can hardly wait! I have not been overseas for years and neither has The Designer so every part of this has been a little thrill. I mean every part, as in the travel … Continue reading

Attempting A World Record

Remember last year when The Designer, my Mum and I did a ukulele workshop? Well, it turns out The Designer is really good (he already played the guitar so that’s not so surprising), my Mum isn’t too bad and I have dutifully mastered the C chord. On Saturday the three of us drove to Moore … Continue reading

Bureaucracy: A Beautiful Thing

I have an announcement to make. The Designer and I have moved! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you already know that. We’re absolutely thrilled to pieces with our little apartment. And we feel we really deserve it. I shaved a year or two off my life, in the lead up to renting … Continue reading